Palms West Hospital
Palms West Hospital is proud to have provided the Western Communities with healthcare excellence since 1986.

Emergency Care

The emergency department is the busiest and most demanding area of the hospital, treating patients with potentially life-threatening conditions alongside those facing urgent illnesses and injuries that cannot wait for regular physician’s hours. At the ER, it is not enough to provide quick care, but treatment must also be accurate and effective to facilitate the best outcomes. The Emergency Room at Palms West Hospital is fully dedicated to offering the Loxahatchee community fast, convenient, accurate care at all hours with state-of-the-art facilities and a tireless staff of emergency trained nurses and physicians. Read on to discover how our emergency department is different from others in the Western Communities.

Levels of Emergency Care

Because there is such a wide range of cases that may be treated in the ER, our nurses utilize an expert triage process to ensure that the right diagnosis is made fast for immediate treatment when every second matters. In less urgent conditions, patients may have to wait for a treatment room, though every effort will be made to minimize this wait time and facilitate excellent care for every patient. Here is a closer look at the ways that the triage nurses may classify your condition to determine the right course of treatment.

  • Resuscitation – Triage is typically bypassed in cases requiring resuscitation in which the patient is not stable. Conditions such as heart attack, traumatic injuries, anaphylaxis, or stroke may fall into this category of emergency care.
  • Emergent Conditions – Emergent conditions are those that require immediate attention but not stabilization. Broken bones, serious burn injuries, or abdominal pain will typically be considered emergent conditions, and they will warrant immediate admission to a treatment room.
  • Non-Emergent Conditions – In some cases, patients may need to head to the ER for conditions that are not strictly emergencies. Severe flu symptoms, for example, may require immediate treatment, which might only be available at the ER. Because rooms need to be available for more urgent conditions, however, patients may need to spend some time in the waiting room after triage to receive care.

Faster Emergency Services in Loxahatchee

Palms West Hospital has implemented the most advanced technologies available with a full range of diagnostic equipment onsite to ensure that wait times are kept low. We also have a dedicated pediatric ER at our Children’s Hospital, which provides kid-friendly emergency care with average wait times consistently below the national average.

If you are unsure where you should turn for urgent medical care, call Palms West Hospital at (561) 345-7009. You can speak with a registered nurse anytime, 24/7 so that you always have a great resource for your health on your side.