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How to Help Your Child Stay Healthy in School

School isn’t just a place of learning—it is also ground zero for many infectious diseases. If you think your child is sick, make an appointment at your hospital’s pediatrics department for a diagnosis and treatment. Reduce the risk of an illness happening in the first place with these tips.

Set Standards for Hand Washing

Hand washing is one of the most effective and easiest ways to keep kids healthy at school, but students have a tendency to skimp on hand hygiene, especially in younger grades. Teach your child the importance of washing hands and show him or her the proper technique. Talk to your child’s teacher about guidelines for washing hands before meals and snacks, and be sure your child knows where to locate soap and hand towels at school to make hand washing easier. With your child’s teacher’s permission, consider packing a small bottle of hand sanitizer in his or her bag each day for when he or she can’t wash.

Teach Respiratory Etiquette

One of the reasons germs spread so easily in schools is because students often sneeze and cough without covering up. Teach your child to cough or sneeze into a tissue whenever possible or into the crook of his or her elbow when a tissue is not available. Stress the importance of hand washing if your child does cough or sneeze into his or her hands.

Keep Your Child at Home

When kids are contagious, the best place for them to be is at home, rather than at school. Help create a culture in your child’s school in which parents keep sick kids at home by doing this with your own. Make an appointment at your pediatrics practice if you’re unsure if it is safe for your child to go to school.

When your little one needs care at a children’s hospital in the Wellington, Royal Palm Beach, Loxahatchee, FL area, choose Palms West Hospital. We provide a range of pediatric services, including critical care in the ER. Talk to a registered nurse 24 hours per day about your child’s health needs by calling (561) 345-7009.

What Is Case Management?

When you are receiving care in the hospital, you will find that your care team consists of many nurses, doctors, and specialists. To keep your care consistent and organized, Palms West Hospital maintains a Case Management Department, which serves as a resource for patients and hospital staff alike. By creating a single point of contact with all information about an individual’s unique case, there is a streamlined process in planning procedures, providing important information to patients, and creating an effective plan for hospital discharge.

Coordination of care

Because patients may work with a variety of different doctors and specialists, it is essential to have care coordination to avoid any lapses or redundancies in care. In the hospital, the care team will have immediate access to patient charts, but when it comes time to plan outpatient services, care coordination keeps services consistent and reduces a patient’s responsibility to communicate concerns to new physicians involved in the recovery process.

Direct patient communication

Case managers do lots of work behind the scenes, but they are also points of contact for patients who are readily available to answer questions, schedule appointments, and create more continuity in care.

Comprehensive discharge process

Hospital discharge is a process that you might begin discussing shortly after being admitted to the hospital, since this is the ultimate goal of your inpatient care. With clear goals in the discharge process established with a case manager, you can remain more proactive in your hospital care and know what to expect once you go home. Your case manager will also work with your insurance carrier to plan post-hospital care through outpatient providers.

At Palms West Hospital, patient-centered care is at the heart of every service we provide from orthopedic care to heart and vascular services. To learn more about the benefits of choosing Palms West Hospital, visit us online or call (561) 345-7009 to speak with one of our registered nurses anytime, 24/7.

Tips for Preparing for Spine Surgery

When conservative methods for alleviating back pain have been unsuccessful, doctors may recommend spine surgery to repair or replace damaged structures within the spinal column. Fortunately, there are many minimally invasive techniques that can promote more efficient healing and optimal pain relief with surgeries such as spinal fusion and discectomy. Still, there is an involved recovery process for these procedures, so it is best to take some extra steps in preparing for your surgery. Below, you can see what is necessary to get ready for spine surgery with a successful and complete recovery.

Understand the surgery you are having

If you know more about your surgical procedure, you will be better able to anticipate any possible challenges in your recovery and learn how to preserve your spine health in the future. Between hospital resources, conversations with your surgeon, and your own personal research, you can get a detailed look at how your surgery works so that you feel more comfortable on the day of your operation.

Plan your recovery at home

You may have limited mobility and energy when you return home after surgery, so your house should be prepared ahead of time. Stocking your freezer with pre-cooked meals, equipping the bathroom with a modified toilet seat and grab bars, refilling prescriptions early, and keeping common items within easy reach will all be helpful steps in reducing your stress at home as you rest.

Work with a physical therapist before your procedure

Physical therapy will be necessary following any spine surgery, but you might schedule a pre-surgical consultation with your physical therapist so that you know how to get your body in shape for surgery. You can also start planning your rehabilitative therapy, which will allow you to get a better picture of exactly what you can expect in your recovery.

The Orthopedic & Spine Center at Palms West Hospital offers the highest level of care across a wide range of procedures—including complex spine surgeries and minimally-invasive procedures. Our center features eight private dedicated orthopedic suites to promote complete healing in a serene, comfortable environment. Learn more about what we have to offer for your orthopedic care by speaking to a registered nurse anytime by calling (561) 345-7009 or visiting our website.

Exploring the Benefits of Aquatic Therapy

Conditions causing chronic pain such as osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, and rheumatoid arthritis can greatly limit a person’s ability to move freely. However, exercise is often recommended as a helpful measure for reducing the pain caused by these conditions. Aquatic therapy can eliminate the typical challenges of exercising with osteoarthritis and similar conditions, since it reduces the impact of basic movements and increases flexibility. Keep reading for a closer look at the advantages of aquatic therapy, which is offered in an outpatient setting as part of the physical therapy services at Palms West Hospital.

Reduced joint stress

With most aerobic activities, the impact of each movement can put stress on the joints and lead to inflammation. In the water, increased buoyancy creates a weightless sensation that minimizes joint stress. Even on days when pain is mild or moderate, exercise with aquatic therapy may still be possible.

Therapeutic exercise

The ability to get physical activity helps increase muscle strength, improve joint flexibility, and promote better balance. While the water’s buoyancy helps to reduce stress to the joints and muscles, water also provides resistance in certain movements to strengthen the body. The use of special tools like foam weights can add extra resistance when more challenging activities are necessary.

Relaxing heat therapy

With aquatic therapy, water is heated to help relax the body and increase blood flow. Heat therapy is a highly utilized technique for relieving joint pain and other types of chronic pain, since it promotes the body’s natural healing capabilities.

The physical therapy services at Palms West Hospital are uniquely adapted to each patient to facilitate better function and comfort in everyday life. If you are struggling with the pain of arthritis or you are recovering from a joint replacement procedure, call (561) 345-7009 to speak to a registered nurse 24/7 and learn if aquatic therapy might be the right choice for your healing.

Dehydration Prevention Guidelines for Summer

In the heat of the summer, there are a number of weather hazards to be aware of for the health and safety of your family. The summer climate poses a higher risk for dehydration, which can lead to heat-related illnesses that need to be treated in the ER. If you or a loved one becomes dehydrated, find a cool place and steadily drink water right away. To prevent dehydration altogether, follow these helpful guidelines from Palms West Hospital.

Drink before you get thirsty

Water is the best drink choice for the summer, and you should drink it often. The exact amount of water that is needed for proper hydration varies from person to person, but a good rule of thumb is to drink before you start to feel thirsty. Alcoholic and caffeinated beverages are actually dehydrating, so you should drink an extra glass of water for every one of these beverages you consume.

Eat smaller meals throughout the day

You may feel less hungry in the summer, which might have you eating smaller meals naturally. When you do eat big meals in hot weather, your body needs to use more energy to digest, and this can lead to a bigger loss of water. Consuming small meals and eating lots of fresh seasonal fruits and veggies will be best not only for your hydration, but also for a steady stream of energy that lasts all day long.

Take frequent breaks from outdoor activities

Even if you are a very active person, taking breaks from activities in the outdoor heat is important. Try to find some shade or head indoors so that you can drink more water and have a small snack if needed. Children may need supervision to be sure that they take the breaks they need.

Heat illness can happen quickly, but Palms West Hospital is there with reliable emergency care and pediatric emergency services. To explore the difference you can expect with our emergency department, visit us online or call (561) 345-7009 to speak with a nurse 24/7.

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