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Four Questions to Ask When Choosing a New Pediatrician

If you’re expecting a child, it’s advisable to begin your search for a specialist in pediatrics well before your due date. Many pregnant women prefer to select a pediatrician by the seventh month, since prenatal care appointments typically become more frequent as the due date approaches. It’s common for expectant parents to meet pediatricians for brief interviews. Since your interview may only last about 10 minutes or so, it’s a good idea to prioritize your questions. To start your search, you can check the list of pediatricians who practice at Palms West Hospital.

How Are Medical Emergencies Handled?

Childhood medical emergencies are common and may include everything from broken bones to persistent vomiting. Ask the pediatrician which hospitals he or she is affiliated with and where you should bring your child for emergency care. Some pediatricians practice out of children’s hospitals that have their own dedicated pediatric ERs.

What are Your Views on Specific Parenting Issues?

New parents often ask pediatricians about their approach to common parenting issues such as breastfeeding versus bottle feeding, circumcision, antibiotics, and immunizations.

Do You Have Specialty Training?

Whether a child may have special needs may not become apparent until well after birth. However, some conditions are diagnosed while the child is still developing in the womb. If you know that your child will have special needs, you may wish to ask the pediatrician if he or she has completed specialty training in these areas.

On Average, How Long is the Wait for an Appointment?

In addition to considering factors such as the pediatrician’s approach to childcare, you could ask questions of a logistical nature. Sometimes, it might be better to direct these types of questions to the receptionist or support staff at the office. Many parents like to have a general idea of how long they might need to wait for a non-emergent appointment.

Palms West Hospital features a dedicated hospital for pediatrics, including 24/7 emergency care near Loxahatchee, FL. The Children’s Hospital at Palms West offers private pediatric and PICU beds for critical care patients, specially trained staff members, and support services such as therapeutic play activities. If your child requires emergency care, please call 911 immediately; otherwise, you can speak with a registered nurse by calling (561) 345-7009.

Understanding the Risks of Asthma in Your Child

If your child has been diagnosed with asthma, you likely have many questions about how it will affect his or her health and what you can do to minimize the risks. Your pediatrics physician will review a treatment plan with you that will likely evolve as your child adjusts to medications and encounters different asthma triggers. By understanding how asthma impacts your child’s health and recognizing the warning signs of a problem, you can react quickly when he or she needs emergency care or a change in his or her management approach.

Asthma Basics

Asthma is a chronic disease that impacts millions of Americans, including many children. In recent years, the rates of asthma have increased, though the reasons why are not clear. In people with asthma, the airways become inflamed and narrowed. This restriction means less air can move in and out of the lungs, which can cause wheezing, chest tightness, and shortness of breath.

Symptom Triggers

Most people with asthma have certain triggers that inflame their symptoms or cause asthma attacks. Triggers affect people in different ways, so your pediatrics specialist will help you identify the things that cause issues for your child. Some common triggers include animal dander, mold, dust, pollen, and exercise. By knowing your child’s triggers, you can minimize his or her exposure to them to keep symptoms under control.

Asthma Attacks

When symptoms suddenly become more severe, a person is said to be having an asthma attack. Some asthma attacks are relatively mild, while others require emergency care. Take your child to the ER if he or she experiences extreme breathing difficulties, rapid pulse, blue lips and face, or severe anxiety caused by breathing problems. He or she may need critical care to get the asthma attack under control.

Palms West Hospital provides comprehensive pediatric care near Loxahatchee, FL at our dedicated children’s hospital. The Children’s Hospital at Palms West offers 24-hour pediatric emergency care and a child-friendly inpatient unit. Find out more about our pediatrics services by calling (561) 345-7009 today.

Minimizing the Aches and Pains of Pregnancy

The changes that your body goes through during pregnancy can translate into widespread aches and pains. One of the things your obstetrics physician will help you with is learning how to minimize your discomfort and get relief in ways that are safe for you and your baby. Here is a closer look at some of the most common types of aches and pains women experience during pregnancy and what you can do about them.


Fluctuation in hormone levels, stress, and a number of other factors can contribute to headaches during pregnancy. Sometimes, relaxation techniques or getting additional sleep are enough to alleviate occasional headaches. Getting the right food and nutrition can also help. Some women can take acetaminophen safely during pregnancy, but never take any kind of medicine without first speaking to your doctor. If your headaches persist or are intense, talk to your obstetrics provider, as headaches can sometimes be a warning sign of preeclampsia.

Back Pain

Back pain is extremely common during pregnancy. Ease this symptom by wearing low-heeled, supportive shoes and choosing chairs with good back support. Don’t stand for too long, and avoid lifting heavy items. Controlling your weight gain and staying active during pregnancy will also help. Using heat and ice on sore areas can provide relief. You can also ask your OB if it is safe for you to have a massage.

Lower Abdominal Pain

This pain often appears around weeks 18 to 24 of pregnancy. Lower abdominal pain is normal and can usually be alleviated simply by adjusting your position or moving slowly. However, if the pain is severe, lasts for a long time, or is accompanied by bleeding or fever, talk to your doctor to ensure you don’t have a more serious issue.

Find out why so many women choose The New Life Center at Palms West Hospital when they need obstetrics. Our state-of-the-art birthing center offers private birthing suites, world-class amenities, and experienced NICU nurses should critical care be necessary. Start your pregnancy journey with us by calling (561) 345-7009 for a referral.

Tips to Help You Control Your Cholesterol

Many people who need emergency care for heart disease have high cholesterol. When your cholesterol is too high, your blood vessels can become clogged, which can disrupt the flow of blood to your heart and cause a heart attack. Whether you have high cholesterol that you want to get under control or you’re simply trying to maintain healthy cholesterol levels, the following tips can help.

Pay Attention to Food and Nutrition

What you put on your plate can have a tremendous impact on your cholesterol levels. Foods that are high in saturated fats and trans fats are associated with high cholesterol levels, while whole grains, fruits, and vegetables all help to keep your cholesterol levels healthy. Try to eat fewer processed foods, baked goods, and fatty meats, and instead dine on lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, and colorful fruits and vegetables. When you choose dairy products, choose low-fat varieties.

Do Not Smoke

Smoking affects a number of heart health factors, including cholesterol levels. When you stop smoking, the levels of healthy cholesterol—HDL—that protects you from the negative effects of LDL cholesterol increase. This happens even if you gain weight while kicking the habit. If you smoke, talk to your doctor about how to quit. It’s a good idea to avoid secondhand smoke as well.

Rely on Your Doctor

Work with your doctor on your heart health before you need emergency care for a crisis. Your doctor can help you monitor your cholesterol levels so you know where you stand and offer advice to help you lower your cholesterol if needed. Your doctor can also discuss medications for high cholesterol with you. If you have conditions that increase your chances of having high cholesterol, like diabetes, be sure to follow your treatment plan closely.

When you need heart care or emergency care, choose Palms West Hospital. We provide a range of heart and vascular services to help you achieve your best health. Discover more about our patient services by calling (561) 345-7009.

A Look at the Healing Process for Fractures

When you fracture a bone, the first step in the healing process involves emergency care, but what happens next? Although the speed at which a bone heals can vary greatly depending on the nature of the injury and your overall health, there are three stages of healing all bones go through. Here is a look at the process.


Immediately after you break a bone, it will become inflamed. The inflammation process will last throughout your time in the ER and for the next few days. At this point, blood moves into the area of the fracture, which causes clotting at the site. This clotting process provides a foundation of stability for the entire healing process. When you receive emergency care, the orthopedic doctor may position your bone to ensure that it heals properly.

Bone Production

When the inflammation in the bone subsides, a substance known as soft callus, which consists of fibrous tissue and cartilage, will replace the blood clot. Over the span of the next several weeks, the soft callus will turn into hard callus. Hard callus is tough bone tissue that can be seen with imaging services.

Bone Remodeling

The last stage of healing is known as bone remodeling. During this stage, the hard callus continues to develop into sturdy and compact bone tissue, and the bone returns its original shape. Blood circulation in the area of the injury also improves. As your bone grows stronger, weight bearing helps to encourage further healing. During bone remodeling, you may require rehab, such as physical therapy, to regain your strength and range of motion. The entire bone remodeling process can take several months.

At Palms West Hospital, our orthopedics team and the staff at our ER are ready to cope with all types of bone and joint injuries, including fractures. If you need an orthopedic specialist or would like more information about our services, please call (561) 345-7009.

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