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October Is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October Is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

In October of 1981, the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) marked the first Day of Unity. The Day of Unity was intended to facilitate networking among battered women’s advocates from around the country. Shortly thereafter, the Day of Unity evolved into a weeklong schedule of events. These events provided venues for the mourning of women who have lost their lives as a result of domestic violence. The events also included activities to celebrate survivorship and encourage connections among women’s services advocates.

The first national Domestic Violence Awareness Month was designated in October of 1987. Public awareness of this widespread problem led to the establishment of a national toll-free hotline for victims of domestic violence. Just two years later, the U.S. Congress began passing Commemorative Legislation on an annual basis. Events still take place each year in many different municipalities across the country. To learn how you can get involved, contact the NCADV.

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What to Expect From Breast Needle Biopsy

A breast needle biopsy is a procedure that is performed to assess the health of the breast tissue. Your doctor will likely refer you to the women’s services department of the hospital to undergo a biopsy if a suspicious lump is detected in the breasts. Rest assured, however, that not all lumps are cancerous. Undergoing a biopsy in the women’s services department is the only way to know for sure if cancer treatments such as surgery will be needed.

What to Expect From Breast Needle Biopsy


A breast needle biopsy is a routine procedure. You can prepare for it much like you would prepare for any other procedure. Make sure your doctor has your updated medical history, including any new diagnoses. Discuss any medications that you might be taking and disclose your supplement regimen, if applicable. Ask the doctor any questions you have about the procedure. Before the biopsy, you can also expect to undergo a physical exam, including a breast exam. The women’s services specialist might recommend blood tests and a mammogram. You may be asked to shower with an antibacterial soap on the morning of the procedure.


The doctor might apply a local anesthetic to alleviate your discomfort. The area of skin will be sterilized and a small needle will be gently inserted. Small samples of tissues and fluids are removed and sent to the lab for analysis. Depending on your unique situation, the doctor might use an ultrasound or MRI to guide the needle. Sometimes, a probe or a vacuum-assisted device is used to remove the samples.


Follow your doctor’s instructions for self-care measures after the procedure. Your doctor will likely prescribe pain relievers and recommend that you wear a supportive bra and apply a warm compress. If you have any questions or concerns during your recovery, call the women’s services department for advice.

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Recognizing the Importance of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This designation serves to increase public awareness about this disease and encourage research funding to improve treatments. The designation also reinforces the critical importance of taking measures to prevent breast cancer and having regular screenings to allow for early detection.

You can learn more about screenings for breast cancer by watching this video. You’ll hear from Health and Human Services Secretary Sebelius on the importance of undergoing mammograms and how they have greatly improved survival rates.

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The Risk Factors of Breast Cancer

In the U.S., breast cancer is the most common type of cancer that affects women. Thanks to public awareness campaigns and research funding, treatment options have greatly improved. The next time you are at the hospital’s women’s services department, talk to your doctor about steps you can take to reduce your risk of breast cancer. Although not all risk factors are controllable, healthy lifestyle changes can decrease your risk and improve your overall well-being.

The Risk Factors of Breast Cancer

Gene Mutations

A small percentage of breast cancer cases are linked to genetic mutations. These include the breast cancer gene one (BRCA1) and breast cancer gene two (BRCA2). To determine if you have these gene mutations, your women’s services department may refer you to a genetic counselor.

Medical History

Your family and personal medical history also play a role in your risk of breast cancer. If you have previously had breast cancer in one breast, you are at a higher risk of developing cancer in the other one. If a close relative was diagnosed with breast cancer, you could be more likely to be diagnosed with it as well. However, bear in mind that most people who are diagnosed do not have a family history of breast cancer.

Reproductive Health

There are many reasons why women’s services specialists keep records of patients’ menstrual cycles, one of which has to do with breast cancer. If you started your period before the age of 12 or began menopause at an unusually old age, you could be at a higher risk. In addition, women who have been pregnant have a decreased risk as compared to women who have never been pregnant.

Lifestyle Factors

Researchers have identified alcohol consumption as being one risk factor of breast cancer. Moderate use in women is considered to be no more than one drink a day. If you consume more than this on a regular basis, you could be at a higher risk. Obesity is another risk factor. Maintaining a healthy weight through regular exercise and sound dietary choices is a good way to reduce your risk.

Early detection provides the best possible outcome. Schedule a mammogram today at Palms West Hospital by calling (561) 792-4892. In addition to our comprehensive women’s services, our full-service hospital also features an ER and state-of-the-art robotic surgery.

Reasons to Schedule a Breast Needle Biopsy

Reasons to Schedule a Breast Needle Biopsy

If your women’s services specialist recommends a breast needle biopsy, it means that there could be a suspicious area in one or both of your breasts. Some of the indicators of a potential problem include a lump, a thickening of the breast tissue, or an unusual appearance of the nipple. Abnormal nipple discharge is another reason to schedule a breast needle biopsy. Additionally, if you’ve undergone a mammogram or ultrasound at your women’s services center and the results indicated an abnormal mass, your doctor is likely to recommend a biopsy.

A biopsy is performed to determine if the growth is cancerous or non-cancerous. The presence of a lump or other abnormality does not always indicate cancer. Quite often, a cyst will turn out to be benign. However, if the growth is indeed cancerous, then early detection can lead to the best possible treatment outcome.

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