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The Risk Factors of Breast Cancer

In the U.S., breast cancer is the most common type of cancer that affects women. Thanks to public awareness campaigns and research funding, treatment options have greatly improved. The next time you are at the hospital’s women’s services department, talk to your doctor about steps you can take to reduce your risk of breast cancer. Although not all risk factors are controllable, healthy lifestyle changes can decrease your risk and improve your overall well-being.

The Risk Factors of Breast Cancer

Gene Mutations

A small percentage of breast cancer cases are linked to genetic mutations. These include the breast cancer gene one (BRCA1) and breast cancer gene two (BRCA2). To determine if you have these gene mutations, your women’s services department may refer you to a genetic counselor.

Medical History

Your family and personal medical history also play a role in your risk of breast cancer. If you have previously had breast cancer in one breast, you are at a higher risk of developing cancer in the other one. If a close relative was diagnosed with breast cancer, you could be more likely to be diagnosed with it as well. However, bear in mind that most people who are diagnosed do not have a family history of breast cancer.

Reproductive Health

There are many reasons why women’s services specialists keep records of patients’ menstrual cycles, one of which has to do with breast cancer. If you started your period before the age of 12 or began menopause at an unusually old age, you could be at a higher risk. In addition, women who have been pregnant have a decreased risk as compared to women who have never been pregnant.

Lifestyle Factors

Researchers have identified alcohol consumption as being one risk factor of breast cancer. Moderate use in women is considered to be no more than one drink a day. If you consume more than this on a regular basis, you could be at a higher risk. Obesity is another risk factor. Maintaining a healthy weight through regular exercise and sound dietary choices is a good way to reduce your risk.

Early detection provides the best possible outcome. Schedule a mammogram today at Palms West Hospital by calling (561) 792-4892. In addition to our comprehensive women’s services, our full-service hospital also features an ER and state-of-the-art robotic surgery.

Reasons to Schedule a Breast Needle Biopsy

Reasons to Schedule a Breast Needle Biopsy

If your women’s services specialist recommends a breast needle biopsy, it means that there could be a suspicious area in one or both of your breasts. Some of the indicators of a potential problem include a lump, a thickening of the breast tissue, or an unusual appearance of the nipple. Abnormal nipple discharge is another reason to schedule a breast needle biopsy. Additionally, if you’ve undergone a mammogram or ultrasound at your women’s services center and the results indicated an abnormal mass, your doctor is likely to recommend a biopsy.

A biopsy is performed to determine if the growth is cancerous or non-cancerous. The presence of a lump or other abnormality does not always indicate cancer. Quite often, a cyst will turn out to be benign. However, if the growth is indeed cancerous, then early detection can lead to the best possible treatment outcome.

You can schedule a mammogram, biopsy, or other women’s healthcare service at Palms West Hospital. We invite you to call us at (561) 798-3300 with any questions you might have or visit our website to view our additional women’s services.

Maintaining Good Eye Health During Pregnancy

Along with swollen feet and morning sickness, pregnancy often changes a woman’s vision. Changes in your eye health can occur because of fluctuating hormones, increasing blood volume, and retention of fluids. For example, one such change that may occur is dry eye syndrome. Although most changes in your vision during pregnancy are not a cause for alarm, it’s always a good idea to schedule a visit to your obstetrics department if you have any concerns. The women’s services specialist can give you some tips on preserving healthy vision and recommend treatment options for dry eye syndrome.

Maintaining Good Eye Health During Pregnancy

Eat a Varied Diet

Your women’s services specialist has undoubtedly coached you about dietary modifications during your pregnancy. Fortunately, many of the healthy food choices recommended to support your growing baby are also good for your eye health. In particular, foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids may reduce symptoms of dry eye syndrome. These include foods such as walnuts, salmon, and ground flaxseed.

Prevent Eye Strain

Sometimes, dry, blurry, or tired eyes are linked to computer usage. If you work at a computer for prolonged periods of time, use tall, bright floor lamps to improve the lighting. Minimize glare by choosing glasses with an anti-reflective coating, and remember to focus your eyes on a distant object every 20 minutes to give them a break from the computer screen.

Consider Dry Eye Treatments

Many physicians often recommend over-the-counter eye drops to relieve dry eye syndrome. However, sometimes a prescription-strength medication is needed instead. Check with your OB/GYN about prescription eye drops that are safe to use during pregnancy.

Schedule Appointments as Needed

While vision changes related to pregnancy are typically temporary, schedule check-ups with a women’s services specialist if you experience any troubling symptoms. If you experience blurry vision, however, call a doctor promptly. This can indicate a more serious problem, such as gestational diabetes or high blood pressure.

Schedule your next prenatal care visit at Palms West Hospital and discuss any concerns you may have with our caring physicians. You can reach us by calling (561) 798-3300. We also encourage you to visit our website to view our range of women’s services and pediatric care.

Palms West #PowerWomen October Lecture Series

Powerwomen Lecture Series - Palms West

In this do-it-all era, women's empowerment has taken on a new meaning. More possibilities, braver moves and bigger challenges set the tone for the many roles you play. Palms West is dedicating the month of October to all you powerful women! Join us for a series of free health symposiums all leading up to the grand finale: The Pink Fling.

Whether you're interested in expanding your knowledge about breast health, exploring plastic surgery or simply want to take an hour to learn more about your body while enjoying some lunch, this series has something for you.

To reserve your spot at a lecture or to RSVP for The Pink Fling, call us at (561) 345-7009.

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